Dalmatian Dog Facts, Colors & Care! You should know


The most amazing and beautiful eye catching Dalmatian dog breed; white coat marked with liver or black spots gives most distinctive look in the animal Kingdom.

The variety had been created and developed mainly in England. The principal informal standard for the variety was presented by an Englishman Vero Shaw in 1882. Later, in 1890 with the arrangement of the primary Dalmatian Club in England the standard got official. At the point when the breed with the particular markings was first appeared in England in 1862, it was said to have been utilized as a watchman canine and ally to the wanderers of Dalmatia. The variety’s extraordinary coat got well known and generally appropriated over the landmass of Europe starting in start of Nineteen Century.


Nobody knows without a doubt where the variety started. Now in these days, you can find these Dals in different kennels and breeders but expectedly the origin of this dog is Croatia and its historical region of Dalmatia.

Size & Weight

Both of the males and females remain between 19 to 24 inches tall while if we talk about weight so they can be reach at 45 to 55 pounds. Males are commonly bigger than females.


Dalmatian dog breed can survive 10 t0 13 years of entire life approximately. This limit is not confirm, Dalmatian dogs can be spend of 15 years but the condition is to take care of his health and diet.

Dalmatian Dog Food or Diet

They require proper and high energetic food for shining spotted coat, great energy levels and perfect temperaments. A lot of different foods you can buy from pet stores and shops for Dalmatian’s nutrients to healthy and long life.

Facts & Temperaments

He began as a mentor or coach dog yet has likewise served in numerous different limits, including tracker, carnival entertainer and firehouse dog. They were initially created to monitor ponies and coaches, and a portion of the old defensive intuition remains. Held and stately, Dalmatian can be unapproachable with outsiders and are trustworthy guard dogs. With their favored people, they are brilliant, faithful, and cherishing house pets. They are solid, dynamic competitors with incredible endurance—a superb companion for hikers and runners.

Truly, this breed is also popular as carriage dogs due to their demeanor around horses. At the point when flames were extinguished utilizing horse-drawn carriages loaded up with water, Dalmatians were utilized to direct the horses through groups and smoke.

At the time of birth Dalmatian puppies appear with plain white coats and their first spots typically show up inside 10 days; in any case, spots are noticeable on their skin from birth. They keep on showing until the puppy is around year and a half old. Spots as a rule go in size from 20 to 60 mm and are most regularly dark or liver on a white foundation. Liver is the latent shading in Dalmatians, implying that the two guardians need to “convey” liver so as to create liver puppies. In the event that the two guardians are liver, at that point all little dogs will be liver spotted.

Some Other Facts

  • The Dalmatian’s spots might be the consequence of a transformation in a quality for a ticked coat, yet nobody is extremely certain where they originate from. The spots today are currently bigger and less worn out around the edges than those found in images of early Dalmatians.
  • In view of their legacy as training pets, Dalmatians coexist well with horses and make great allies for riders.
  • This breed is also known as the nickname of “Plum Pudding Dog” due to his spots resembles the plums in a Christmas pudding.
  • The Dalmatian was previously a famous circus dog breed.
  • This breed is prone to acquired deafness and urinary stones.

Are the Dalmatians family dog?

Yes! If you are adapting to Dalmatian dog so you would not be any hesitation about this breed. They are very active, social, protective, intelligent, relatively non aggressive and playful dogs. They have a good nature and patient; like to play with children and other family members. So I think, this breed could be best dog breed for your family.

Dalmatian Dog Care

Guys if you have this breed so I think you should be care given below carefully with daily routine. You should be compulsory for removing loose hair every day during the shedding of Dalmatian. Like some different varieties, the Dalmatian is inclined to deafness; it ought to be tried at five to about a month and a half. Dalmatians ache for friendship and ought not to be constantly taken off alone in a backyard or basement. The Dalmatian lives 11-13 years, however life ranges of as long as 16 years are normal. Dalmatians have enormous litters of up to 15.

What is Dalmatian Dog Price?

When we discuss about Dalmatian dog price so it depends on some factors given below like:

  • Country or Area
  • Litter or adult dog size
  • Linage of the dog
  • Reputation
  • Breed popularity
  • Training & Skills
  • Socialization efforts
  • Breed blood line etc.

The normal price is asking by breeders about $900. We suggest you please check pedigree papers or certificate of blood line but without breeding rights not show quality.

You ought to hope to pay a premium for a little dog with rearing rights or in any event, for a doggy publicized as show quality with papers. You should spending plan somewhere in the range of $1,700 upwards to $5,000 or considerably more for a Dalmatian with top variety lines and an unrivaled family. The normal expense for all Dalmatians sold is $800.

How many Colors of Dalmatian Dog?

There are mentioned some popular colors of Dalmatian dogs:

  • Black
  • Liver
  • Lemon
  • White or no spots
  • Blue
  • Tri-color
  • brindles
  • Brindled Tricolor
  • Mosaics
  • Mosaics spot on liver
  • Two tone spots
  • Mystery Puppy
  • Phantoms
  • Fawn or Sable
  • Long Coat Dalmatian

So guys I think you have learned a lot about Dalmatian dog breed from this article. If you have question about this breed so must reply below in comments box. Thanks!

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