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Bengal cat price is a bold topic for cat fanciers and who want to adopt this cat’s kittens. The price of this amazing cat is depends on the bloodline and breeders’s reputation. So we calculate average cost of Bengal kittens in the range 3000$ to 10,000$ approximately. Find online Bengal cat price California in your local area for little toy. The Bengal cats have a wild character and may appear arrowhead marking, spotted, rosettes and marbling designs etc. This cat created from two domestic cats, names have an Asian Leopard cat and Egyptian Mau.

Here we can classify Bengal Cat with two principle angles along Coat Shedding and Coat Designs.

Coat Designs of Bengal Coat are below:

Bengal Cat Spotted patterns

Bengal cat price

This dark spot pattern can be in shape of dotes or rosettes over light coat to give that excellent matching. Along these lines, we can see dark colored spotted, snow spotted or blue spotted, as the main varieties.

Bengal Cat Marbling Pattern and price

This structure is like dim and light swirls that join darker, cream; dull chocolate and black make one of the most fascinating covering impacts. Therefore you can discover darker marbles, snow marbles, and blue marbles.

Bengal Cat Price EI Sparble Pattern

This structure type is a blend between the spotted and the marble, twirls and rosettes working out unordinary lovely markings with incredible dispersing in the middle. You will know when it is a sparble, when you don’t have a clue whether it is a marble or a spotted.

Bengal Cat Clouded Pattern and Cost

This pattern comes from the spotted, and rosettes are immense with small space in the middle of, which helps us to remember the example of the blurred panther.

Coat Color of Bengal Cats is below:

  • Brown Color Bengal Cat Price and Patterns

You can identify Bengal cat’s signs, black tip tail, brown gold or hazel eyes, a white belly, red nose and brown to jet black marking etc.

  • Silver Color Bengal Cat Price

This silver Cat should be easy to determine has a characteristics, dark grey to jet black marking, green or golden eyes, red nose and a little tarnish  yellow or brown shades. The Silver Bengal cat price is in range of 1800$ to 2500$.

  • Snow Color Bengal Cat Cost and Patterns

A lot of Bengal cats in cream and ivory colors related with a type of albinism that originates from Siamese and Burmese cats ancestry. These cats aren’t pure breed, so we discovered some pure Snow white Bengal cat colors. Snow Bengal cat price is high in different areas.

We have offered here three color of Snow Bengal cat

Seal Lynx Snow Bengal Cat

Snow seal lynx have different types of characteristics such as blue eyes, dark or light seal markings, very light white cream color with brown tail tip.

Seal Mink Snow Bengal Cat

These Bengal cat have some common characteristics such as different shades of light seal mink to dark seal mink patterns with ivory, light, cream and tan colors, dark seal brown tail tip and aqua or blue green eyes. Seal Mink Bengal cat price is often high due to rare pattern.

Seal Sepia Snow Bengal Cat

These cats have also ivory, light and cream colors, seal sepia to dark seal sepia shades, dark seal brown tail tip and golden or green eyes. White Bengal cat price is often in range of 1500$ to 200$ in kittens from reputable breeders.

     Blue Bengal Cat

The blue shading is extremely uncommon however a few breeders are working to attempt to elevate the blue Bengal to title status. These cats have a powder blue/dark coat with some cream tones, golden, green and hazel eyes and blue marking that never turn into black shade. The spotted or marbled example is dim blue or metal dark shading.

     Charcoal Bengal Cat Price

The charcoal Bengal cats can be found in different common colors like, silver, tans, blue and snow.

     Silver Charcoal Bengal Cat

   Black Bengal Cat price

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  1. I absolutely love these cats! My own worry would be if someone else would steal them and I don’t believe in keeping cats indoors to be honest so it would be difficult.

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