Aldi recalled chicken because it was “unsafe to eat.”

Aldi recalled chicken In addition to withdrawing a well-liked fresh meat product that was stocked on its shelves, Aldi has issued a “do not eat” caution.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) reports that the store is recalling Ash fields Grill 4 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kebabs due to a “labelling error” that displays an inaccurate use-by date.

Aldi recalled chicken because it was "unsafe to eat."

Aldi recalled chicken  Customers who have purchased the product now consider it to be “unsafe to eat.”

The following pertains to the particular batches that are impacted:

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The following items were monitored: Eight hundred grams of medium white bread, two pints of semi-skimmed milk, three hundred grams or four hundred grams of mature cheddar, two hundred grams of unsalted butter, one kilogram of granulated sugar, eighty tea bags (caffeinated), one hundred grams of chopped tomatoes, twelve packs of medium free range eggs, and four packs of toilet rolls.

Aldi recalled chicken According to the Food Safety Authority (FSA), food products that have issues that prevent them from being sold may be “recalled” (when consumers are asked to return the product) or “withdrawn” from the market.

The Food Safety Administration (FSA) notifies local authorities and consumers about food-related hazards through the issuance of Product Recall Information Notices and Withdrawal Information Notices.

Aldi recalled chicken because it was "unsafe to eat."

Aldi recalled chicken ‘Food Alert for Action’ is given occasionally. This gives local authorities information on particular actions that need to be done on behalf of customers.

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