“AGT” Addicts Will Be Astonished to Discover This Season 19 Golden Buzzer Uncover

“AGT” Addicts Will  Season 19 of America’s Got Talent is officially begun, and in an unexpected turn of events, two of the candidates will ultimately lead the group of finalists!

On May 28, spectators witnessed judges Sofía Vergara, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell determine who should advance to the next round of competition. While it’s common to move some candidates from the initial round of auditions to the next round, a few stood out.

"AGT" Addicts Will Be Astonished to Discover This Season 19 Golden Buzzer Uncover

“AGT” Addicts Will  Judges were moved by Indiana janitor Richard Goodall’s song of “Don’t Stop Believing’,” and host Terry Crews couldn’t stop laughing at Zimbabwean comedian Learn more Jonas’s stand-up set. Thus, Richard and Learn more received Golden Buzzers from Heidi and Terry, who then took action by sending the two straight to the live concerts.

“Hold up, hold up, hold up!” Terry revealed to Learn more the amazing feedback he received on his routine from the judges. “Learn more, you told me backstage that you had to take 14-hour bus rides to go perform for five minutes, and that you also had to take 14-hour bus rides to get home.” You are here with us, brother, so you never have to go back home.”

Given that Learn more and Richard have already secured spots in the live events, viewers of America’s Got Talent might be curious about the Golden Buzzer. What is the Golden Buzzer exactly, and how does it help the people that get one at the auditions? Given that the Golden Buzzer has some really awesome benefits, we have the answers you’re looking for.

“AGT” Addicts Will  What does America’s Got Talent call the Golden Buzzer?
The Golden Buzzer made its debut on America’s Got Talent during season 10, according to NBC Insider. The idea behind the Golden Buzzer was to enable a participant to advance straight to the live events if a judge or host was particularly struck by their performance.

Additionally, the outlet pointed out that getting a Golden Buzzer comes with a few important restrictions. Contestants who receive one can advance to the live shows even if other judges press the red button during the audition, though it’s more likely for a judge to give one out when the talent is that great. This is a big benefit, particularly if there isn’t a unanimous decision to advance someone.

"AGT" Addicts Will Be Astonished to Discover This Season 19 Golden Buzzer Uncover

“AGT” Addicts Will  AGT decided to alter the Golden Buzzer guidelines for season 19 as if that wasn’t enough. Terry still only had one Golden Buzzer, although Howie, Simon, Sofía, and Heidi all had two at the start of the new season. More talent will be able to advance through the competition quickly, which could result in more surprises for the auditions.

In 2024, who was the winner of America’s Got Talent?
Richard Goodall and Learn more Jonas are now advancing to the live performances later this year after receiving a Golden Buzzer each for season 19.

When Richard stepped out to sing “Don’t Stop Believing’,” it stirred the audience and really impressed Heidi. When it came time for her feedback, she gushed about how he swept her off her feet and how much she liked seeing his performance, even if he needed the audience’s bravery to sing.

"AGT" Addicts Will Be Astonished to Discover This Season 19 Golden Buzzer Uncover

“AGT” Addicts Will  She told him, “Richard, Richard, Richard, you knocked me off my feet,” following his audition. “Up there on the stage, we all had the nicest time ever with you. When I see and hear you up there, I really, really feel something. And now, out of love for you, this is what I’m going to do.”

Has anyone who won America’s Got Talent been awarded a Golden Buzzer?
Some AGT viewers may be surprised to learn that six winners from previous seasons were given Golden Buzzers in advance!

“AGT” Addicts Will  Ventriloquist Paul Zerde was the first competitor to win a Golden Buzzer in season 10, and he went on to win the entire season. In addition to receiving Golden Buzzers, Grace Vander Waal (season 11), Darcy Lynne Farmer (season 12), Kody Lee (season 14), Brandon Leakey (season 15), and the Mayas (season 17) all went on to win their respective seasons.

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