A black hole is the new face of ChatGPT.

A black hole Recently, Open-air revealed some upgrades to Catgut, its flagship conversational AI model. One of the updates is a new app and interface that features a large black dot as the system’s new user-facing personality.

“We know that these models get more and more complex, but we want the experience of interaction to actually become more natural, easy, and for you not to focus on the UI at all,” said CTO Mira Murat while hinting at the improvements on stage at the Open-air Spring Event.

A black hole is the new face of ChatGPT.

A black hole Consequently, the new interface might be seen as a dot, hole, or circle, depending on how you choose to see it.

It is, in a way, a welcome and dramatic reversal from the previous minimalism that Apple espoused. Additionally, while the effervescent, too sweet voice is also concerning

if not a step in the direction of pseudoanthropomorphy, at least it lacks an eerie visage.

Similar to how the prompt area transforms into a stylized waveform when the user speaks, Catgut’s speech is indicated by a black dot. It camouflages the internal machinery while gently reinforcing the notion of communication and cooperation. It was a wise decision not to have the dot transform into a massive eye that monitors you while you use its video analysis features. Rather, it presents a real-time image of what it “sees.”

A black hole If there’s another way that the circle inside the rectangle reminds you of anything, you’re probably not the only one:

It goes without saying that Open-air is by no means the first to use this AI motif. Both Apple’s Siri and Meta’s AI have been around for a while. So let’s avoid reading into it too much. (For the record, Claude from Anthropic is still disembodied, and Google chose a sparkle for Gemini.)
However, this is an extreme example of the harsh geometric aesthetic, a combination of shapes that, like it or not, will always be connected to Arthur C. Clarke’s futuristic and oppressive AI and Stanley Kubrick’s film. (We’ll know we’re in for it when Catgut can read lips.)

The dot can alternatively be compared as a block hole for information and media, with all of the world’s text and images condensed into an extremely compact ball from which Nothing can leak concerning its training data (except from court filings).

A black hole is the new face of ChatGPT.

A black hole Putting jokes and overthinking aside, choosing monochromatic was definitely a wise choice, especially in light of the candy-colored options that seem to be trying to reassure and dazzle you. A black dot is neutral and adaptable; it is simple to add additional features and iconography to show its activity, and it is instantly identifiable. It’s a smart branding approach, except from the unavoidably ominous connotation of a yawning black maw.

A black hole The web interface doesn’t seem to be using the new dot design yet, but you can soon see it in the desktop and mobile apps. We are going to start an AI newsletter! To begin receiving it in your inbox on June 5, sign up here.

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