500-mile bike ride by a West Wales family to support epilepsy research

500-mile bike With the recent diagnosis of epilepsy at age seven, Eliza, is the inspiration behind a West Wales family’s June 1000-mile cycling adventure. The family and close friends of Eliza, led by her grandfather Martin, are taking on the challenge of raising money for the Epilepsy Research Institute and awareness of the ailment.

500-mile bike ride by a West Wales family to support epilepsy research

500-mile bike After speaking with acquaintances who were ignorant of the condition’s effects, retired company director Martin came up with the idea for the fundraising. According to Martin, “as a family we felt we had to do something to raise awareness of epilepsy.” “We were unaware of the early symptoms of epilepsy, and when we informed others about Eliza’s diagnosis, they all had the same reaction: ‘I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m sure medication will take care of that.'” That is obviously not the case for everyone.

In the UK, there are more than 630,000 people who have been diagnosed with epilepsy. Thirty percent of epileptics experience non-medication-resistant seizures. The cause of an individual’s epilepsy is still unclear in 65% of cases. To enhance treatment options and get a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of epilepsy, further research is required.

500-mile bike Epilepsy affects more than only seizures. According to Martin, Elizabeth has had speaking difficulties for the past few years, which has seriously undermined her confidence. Since then, we’ve learned that children with epilepsy frequently exhibit this, and we were unaware of several additional symptoms. Since starting medicine, she has made progress in her reading and speech, but her seizures have not stopped. Concern over what is happening to her has also grown more intense.

The family and friend team will first have to ride 500 miles on the road, at home on a bike trainer, or by any other means necessary. This is the first part of the cycling challenge. After that, Martin will cycle the final 500 kilometers to get to his home in Beaux Village, France, from Eliza’s home in west Wales. Martin says, “This challenge is massive for me,” because he has only begun cycling since the outbreak and suffers from asthma. I had the want to accomplish something that would get people to pay attention.

500-mile bike ride by a West Wales family to support epilepsy research

500-mile bike The family claims that they want to use the challenge to accomplish three goals. First and foremost, they want parents to learn more about epilepsy so that the early symptoms can be identified sooner. Second, greater investigation into the etiology of epilepsy should be conducted. Lastly, they hope to see advances in medicine that will enable the percentage of individuals receiving successful treatment for seizures to rise from the current approximate of 65% to as near as 100%.
500-mile bike The event is scheduled for mid- to late-June 2024. The family is accepting donations at: and would welcome assistance from anyone interested in taking on this endeavor.

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