Caucasian Shepherd dog Puppies Price & Facts

Hay guys! Today we will discuss about Caucasian Shepherd Mountain dog breed mostly reared in Azerbaijan and Georgia from Transcaucasia.  The Caucasian Shepherd is known as with herding livestock and Guardian dog qualities.

They are very popular with different names such as Russian Bear dog, Baskhan Pariy, and Caucasian ovcharka dog.

Some of the Soviet breeders have bred Caucasian Shepherd dog by crossing from multiple Caucasian dogs. This is one of the most attractive dog breed fundamentally carrying a genes from Georgian Shepherd dog-tallest, long coat and too muscularly dog breed.

They can be reared as pet dog because they affectionate with family, incredibly kids friendly and adapt well to apartment living. The Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are good for novice owner, easy to groom, easy to train and tolerant in both of the cool and hot weather climates.

This breed is very loyal, strong and fierce family protector bred to defend the home and care to flocks against wild predators in the rough Caucasian Mountain regions.

Facts of Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breed


This breed is a very strong bloodline and can be live from 12 to 15 years approximately. They have an amazing capacity to surviving the any weather climates. So they can live more as comparing to other largest dog breeds.

Dog Breed Group

Caucasian Shepherd Dog listed in Working dog breed. They are ideal for herding animals and also be as guard.

Weight & Height

They can be up in weight from 80 to 200 pounds and in height 24 to 34 inches almost. Caucasian shepherd attract the people due to their longest height and beautiful bear coat.

Caucasian Shepherd dog colors

They have an in three types of coat short, medium and long coat. They come in various colors;

  1. Red
  2. Cream
  3. Grey
  4. Fawn
  5. Tan
  6. Solid white

The colors can be mix in mentioned above………..

Exercise & Training

Caucasian Shepherds have good energy level and require daily routine exercise. They are very loyal and intelligent but due to their Fairless nature they can make problem in training. This breed’s natural distrust of strangers and other animals can lead to aggressive tendencies; you should be checked with breeders or veterinarians.  

Is Caucasian dog dangerous?

No! They look like dangerous from the body language but they are not inherently dangerous to anybody. They have immense strength and can be aggressive if someone trained wrong to them, please get suggestion about training from your breeder or veterinarian.

What is price of Caucasian Shepherd dog?

Caucasian mountain dogs became most popular in last few years, and demand increasing day by day. if we talk about price so can be different in some regions but we calculate Caucasian Shepherd dog’s puppy start from $1500 dollars $2500 dollars.  Price can change due to quality bloodline, trained puppy and personality.

Where from we can adopt Caucasian Shepherd dog puppy?

A lot of online platform are available but we suggest you that you search about hiring this dog’s puppy in your area, country and regions. You can also search online dog breeders and can also be rescues in your nearest area. For example is a big website for adopting a pet in USA. You can also visit Caucasian Ovcharka Rescue Rehome USA in Google search. You can Comments us below, about this information. Thanks